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Sakai: Arrange Resources

Posted at 3:30 p.m. Aug. 14, 2014, by in Sakai, Sharing Documents

Sakai: Arrange Resources

Once you have a number of files in your Resources tool, you may wish to add some organization. Each of these tasks assumes you have logged into Sakai and clicked on the tab for the course in which you’re organizing documents.

Create subfolders

You may wish to add an organizing structure; e.g., a subfolder called “Lectures” for all your PowerPoint presentations or a folder called “Useful Links.”

  • choose Resources from the left-hand menu
  • you’ll see at least one folder (the “top-level” folder is called Resources)
  • to the right of the top-level folder, click the “Add” drop-down menu and select “Create folders”
  • type a title for your new folder (e.g., Lecture Notes)
  • click “Create folders now”
  • now you can see your new subfolder, indented under its “parent” folder

Move items ito subfolder

If you already have items in Resources and would like to move some of them into a subfolder.

  • make sure the target subfolder exists
  • select all the documents you’d like to move by checking the boxes to their left (note that you can select all documents with the checkbox at the top of the column; sometimes it’s easier to select all then deselect the documents you don’t need to move)
  • at the top of the list of Resources, click the “Move” link
  • next, locate the target folder, click the “Actions” drop-down menu to its right, and select “Paste moved items” (or use the paste icon on the same line)
  • your moved items should now appear indented under the target folder
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