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Sakai: Add participants

Posted at 2:25 p.m. Aug. 14, 2014, by in Getting Started, Sakai

Sakai: Add Participants

In general, all your students should be added to your course via the roster. However, if you need to add a TA or a student who is not on the roster for some other reason, follow these directions:

  1. log into Sakai at
  2. click on the course tab across the top
  3. click the Site Info tool on the left
  4. click Add Participants at the top, then, depending on participant:

Rutgers students, faculty, or staff (Follow this method if a student is dropped temporarily from the roster, or to add a TA):

    1. type in the student’s NetID in the top box; if you don’t know the NetID, click the “Look up Rutgers user” button and select from the search results
    2. you can add several NetID’s if each is on its own line, with no punctuation
    3. Note: do NOT use student’s email address, only the NetID (this way, the student’s identity in Sakai is preserved, including submissions, forum posts, and grades)

Guest or “dummy student” accounts:

    1. type the full internet email address in the bottom “guest” box
    2. you can add several addresses if each is on its own line, with no punctuation
    3. Note: this will create a Sakai “guest account” and cannot be linked to a Rutgers identity; the participant will receive email from Sakai with login instructions and a temporary password
  1. click Continue
  2. assign role (usually “student”), then click Continue again
  3. click the Finish button
  4. from the main Site Info screen, scroll down to see your participant list and confirm your additions
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