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Sakai: Copy course site for new semester

Posted at 1:48 p.m. Aug. 7, 2014, by in Getting Started, Sakai

Sakai: copy course site for new semester

In general, the easiest way to re-use a complete site is the Duplicate Site method. This will copy everything in the site, except for student info. The Home page formatting and Gradebook structure will be maintained. Many tool items, such as Announcements, Assignments, and Tests will be duplicated but turned into drafts that require new date information etc.

If you wish to recreate a simple site, perhaps just re-using Resources, you should use the Create New Site method. You will simply choose to re-use the Resources from a previous semester.

Duplicate Site method

  • Click on the tab for the previous semester’s site
  • Click Site Info, then the button “Duplicate Site”
  • Give the new site a name (e.g., “Intro Psych F14”), select the appropriate semester, then click “Duplicate”
  • It takes a moment or two for Sakai to create a copy of the site: wait, then find your newly-created site, possibly under “More Sites”
  • In the new site, click Site Info, then the button “Manage Access” to select “Leave as Draft” and “Update” (this gives you time to make changes to the old material before students have access)
  • Next, still from Site Info, click the “Edit Class Rosters” button, click “Add” button, select roster from list,* then “Continue” and “Add Classes”
  • After a few minutes, you can scroll down in Site Info to see your new student list
  • Your new site is almost ready to go! Of course, you’ll need to make some edits: replace the syllabus, revise dates, etc.
  • When the site is ready for the new semester, publish it (click “Publish Now” link above left-hand menu) and perhaps send a “welcome” Announcement to your students

* If you don’t see your roster listed when you’re creating your Sakai site, it means your department has not yet granted you roster access to your course. You should contact your department administrative assistant and request this access. Once it’s granted, you’ll have to go back to your Sakai site to add the roster–so your students have access to the site.

Create New Site method

  • Follow the directions to Create Course Site
  • When you get to the Course Site Tools page, check off the tools you want to include in your course site, being sure to include the tools you wish to RE-USE from a previous semester
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list of tools, to find the section “Re-use Material from Other Sites You Own”
  • Select “Yes, from these sites” and highlight the Sakai site from which you wish to copy materials
  • Click Continue
  • You will be presented a list of tools from the old site; check those you wish to re-use and click Continue
  • Choose “Publish site” if you want it accessible by students (you could wait to publish after you’ve developed the site)
  • For most courses, do NOT grant “global access”; click Continue
  • Confirm site details and click “Create site”
  • Your course should appear in a new tab along the top of the screen
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