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Spring 2017 Workshop Descriptions

Intro to Sakai: This one-hour workshop will give you an opportunity to create your Sakai course site, upload your syllabus and other documents (PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, PDFs, or other), and get ready to send class announcements as necessary. Bring your electronic documents with you (on a flash drive… or email them to yourself).

Intermediate Sakai: This hands-on, one-hour workshop will allow you to create assignments, discussion boards, and gradebook in Sakai. Bring as many electronic documents as possible—such as assignment instructions, discussion board questions, and the syllabus. Armed with these and the due dates within your course, you’ll be able to get your Sakai site ready to launch for the semester.

Intro to Online Teaching: In this one-hour workshop, you’ll see what an online course looks like at Rutgers University–Camden. We’ll provide a brief overview of what it means to teach online, what it takes to develop an online course, and what you can expect while teaching online. The demonstration will display a Rutgers University–Camden course taught in Sakai, but instructors who use other platforms are welcome to attend.

Intro to VoiceThread: VoiceThread allows for multimedia, asynchronous discussions online. This one-hour workshop will introduce you to VoiceThread’s capabilities. You will be given the opportunity to participate in a VoiceThread and create your own VoiceThread for a course.

Intro to Kaltura: Kaltura is a video creation and streaming tool. This workshop will demonstrate how to create lecture videos and upload preexisting videos for streaming. We’ll also show you how you can share videos with classes.


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