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Inspire image2014 Rutgers University-Camden
Faculty eLearning Conference

Free to all Rutgers-Camden faculty:
a hybrid conference on online & hybrid education,
for the faculty and by the faculty.

On-campus event Tuesday, April 29, 2014.
Success in numbers: 88 registrants, 64 attendees in person, 290 comments on the live backchannel, and at least a handful of remote participants watching the live stream and "chatting" with other audience members.

Rutgers community only may join the Sakai site "2014 eLearning Conf" to view recorded video and speaker presentation materials.

Rutgers—Camden provides support for faculty in teaching and research through many channels. Instructional Design & Technology has been created specifically to support the appropriate integration of technology into the curriculum. Our goal is to work with faculty on proven (or experimental!) projects to improve, strengthen, and invigorate the experience of learning and teaching.

Sakaigerusing Sakai

Simple: in one hour you can set up your Sakai site for sharing Resources with and sending Announcements to your students.

Flexible: if you'd like to use Sakai for more course functions, consider adding tools for collecting Assignments, engaging in online Forums, assessing progress with Tests & Quizzes, and providing feedback with Gradebook.
And more...

Camden faculty:

For a 1-hour intro to Sakai,
click Training or contact
Emily Corse at x6474 or

Learn to love Sakai

Sakai is many things to many people, but at the very least it can be a clear and simple way for faculty in Camden to offer course materials to their students online. Posting your course description, syllabus, class notes, assignments, readings, and/or research links on a secure but easy-to-use, web-based system can help your students work wherever they may be. Many faculty also find it useful to have quick access to class information.

In addition, using email, discussion lists, or online chat sessions can enrich class discussion and equalize participation for students with different communication styles. Some instructors find that collecting assignments and posting grades via Sakai can streamline communication with students too. Read on or contact me, Emily Corse, if you'd like a one-on-one training session ( or x6474).

Blogs at Camden

With the generous support of OIT, we are now offering blogs to Camden faculty and departments using WordPress MU. Some new faculty sites include those for Howard Gillette, Greg Lastowka, Janet Golden, and Laurie Lally.

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